Saturday, November 13, 2010

Be the change…

…you want to see in the world" Ghandi

Yes… people do pick up on our vibes.

Every time I meet someone I can sense their vibe. Sometimes it feels HEAVY, sometimes light and sometimes very refreshing. I don't know why but I do feel their energy.

This is why I remembered Gandhi's quote.

Think about it!!!

How is your energy today?

Friday, November 12, 2010

If you feel it…express it!

…never be afraid to express your gratitude and especially say the most important three letter words:

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Off

After a few weeks of work work work and think think think, I had a day off today. I really needed it.

I made it a point to step out of my routine. I don't like routine very much but I have learned to adapt to it and it doesn't bother me as it used to.

I enjoyed my day today very much. We went shopping a little for a few things that we needed and later we had a delish lunch.

The highlight of my day is NOW. I am sitting on a bench at a park. I see trees, people jogging and families enjoying their quality time as the kids enjoy the slides. The weather is just perfect.

I realize I need to do this more often to disconnect and refresh my mind and thoughts. I even played a little baseball ;) to stretch and get my adrenaline going. I loved it. I needed the fresh air and the change of scenery. I have been spending so much time at school and at work.

So as I write my post from my phone I want to just say:
Make time for play, for fresh air and for the occasional unannounced smile or chuckle you get when you intend to play a sport that reminds you of your childhood days. I felt like a kid again. Priceless!!

So long…off to keep enjoying the cool breeze!

Sweet dreams…

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making a difference...

...every person we come in contact with shapes our life in many different ways. We either learn or grow from these encounters. The question is: do we see this? Or are we too wrapped up in ourselves that we only focus on what "they should be or do..." instead of OUR part to play in this moment in time.? It seems at times that our minds are trapped in our own world filled with "rights" and "wrongs" - the question is: do we really have to label everything???

Realizing that we also have the same influence on the people we meet (especially on our loved ones) is something amazingly precious. We can choose to either help others grow positively or we can become a negative experience for them. It works both ways but we only see our it affects us! It is not totally wrong to be "selfish" and look out for our own well being but it doesn't give us the right to become "judges" of others or to even try to make people be or do what in our eyes we think "should" be right.

Every person exists for a reason and has a role to play in this universe. Our differences are what make this world a unique place to live in...can;t fully imagine what it would be like if this world would be composed of the same "type" of people...with the same desires, characteristics, personalities, likes and dislikes...and the list goes on! Can you imagine everyone being the way you want them to be all the time...24 hours/7 days a week??? YES!!! Pretty Boring!!!

This is why the best way to break this pattern of "he/she should be or do..." is by completely experiencing our relationship with others...with our boss (yes, bosses included), our family, friends, or even with the person we see everyday at our building and we don't don't her name or never say "hello" to. When this is done, we are able to let go of past judgements and enjoy each interaction in/ its entirety - not trying to make the person to our specific liking. These are just simple things that make a whole lot of a difference in the way we approach the world and the people we meet.

Considering that all this is easier said than done, it takes practice. When we make it a point to do one "different" thing everyday...this new view and behavior will start flowing. The reason why we still have this view is because we have been performing on "automatic" - we have been accostumed to think and act in certain ways that in reality haven't taken us anywhere.

On this note, i will leave you this quote that says it all in a nutshell:

"If you can, stop fussing. Stop trying to make things better. Just listen with a sympathetic loving presence. Be willing to be there without outflows, accepting conditions as they are, and you may transform the conditions… and then something may happen. It’s not about doing something. Just listen – really listen." By Norman Fish

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breathe and Trust...

There has been this situation that has had me feeling kind of puzzled and bit woozy. I mean woozy in the sense that  I feel like I am in a roller coaster ride of some sort...going up and down all the time. I haven't found a way how to resolve it. The reason i feel like this is because i feel i have no control over it...or maybe i do but i don't feel ready to take the next step.

I know myself and i struggle with letting go. I like to control everything and have some sort of assurance of things all the time. So, that is why in this case i am in "some" way letting go and letting time do its thing. It is difficult though because my ego does not like this. I am trying to stop my impulses from getting the best of me. Many times in the past i have reacted impulsively and it has not brought me good memories.

Although i hardly talk about this struggle, it helps to write or to talk to someone about it. It is a blessing that i was able to talk to my best friend today about this. When i mean my best friend i mean my mom! Being that i am a very private person i don't talk much to anyone about my personal life and i am very comfortable with that. I do open up to my mom from time to time and at times we don't agree but on the most part, she always ends up saying something that kind of puts my anxiety and restlessness at ease.

Where am i going with this post? Well...i thought it would be of importance (and as reminder to myself) to point out that there will be situations that life will throw at our feet and these will make us very uncomfortable. They may also seem endless and as if there was no way out. I myself don't have all the answers either. I don't know the "how" nor the "when."

One thing is for sure...I have not gone through any of my difficult phases in my life in vain. I have always learned something...i have come out stronger, wiser and with an impressive humility. I have also learned that there is always someone there to see you throught it...and sometimes that person is the one you least expected to be by your side. No matter how dark it has gotten, the sun has always shined through...eventually.

When any of these uncomfortable situations arise, it is best to STOP in our tracks and not "react" impulsively to them. There are lessons we need to learn and no one ever said it would be easy...whoever did, lied. Everything in life is a process. We live to learn very important lessons and until we truly learn them and only then, we are able to move forward...guess where?...YES! to our next lesson. It seems never ending but there is always a way and that way is through. 

 Such is life...unpredictabe and surprising. I don't understand it sometimes and i realize i really don't need to make such effort. It is what it is! I need to trust that i am at the right place at the moment. If i am not, such changes will come at the right time. This is called letting go of trying to control everything. Letting God and Life do their thing.

So... for now i will breathe and trust.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Take your time...

The first thing that comes to mind is: WHAT A DAY!!!
Have you ever had one of these? Have you ever wondered how your day turned out to be so overwhelming?
I have!!!

Today was one of those days. I want to just call it a night and that is exactly what i will do because my body is begging for this. Don't know if its because its Monday (poor Monday) or what. Maybe i just have to blame it on something sometimes.

I have to admit though, i feel like this because my mind hit the point of mental overload. It just felt like the longest day at work and then i had to go to school and sit through a lecture that to me had no relevance. Don't get me wrong, i love the career i have chosen but sometimes i need to step back and take the time to process all the information that is coming into my hard drive.

My days are never going to be the same everyday. I will have good relaxed days as well as hectic ones and i have to accept this. I also have to remember to take my time and take things tackle one task at a time.  I haven't been able to "just be" and that is why i feel this way today. I haven't tuned into my inner voice. I have been ignoring it. I have been hard on myself.

One good thing is that my body speaks to me. It tells me i need to process things slowly. It tells me i need to love myself a bit more in order to be at peace. If i get in tune with my inner self, i will feel much better.

For tonight, i will give myself a HUGE BEAR HUG! I deserve it!!

I will make it a point to pick at least 15 minutes of day to be just just breathe.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Going with the flow...

I planned last night to wake up late today...but my plan did not work! Due to the Daylight Savings Time change, i woke up earlier than i expected. My eyes opened at 7am! *YAWN* ;/ I tried to be very quiet to not wake up my boyfriend.

I decided to start editing pictures and i loved my quiet time doing what i love to do. I looked out my window and the day was beautiful...very sunny and 60 degrees weather. I love the chilly days!

My boyfriend finally woke up and had the brilliant idea of walking to our nearest cafeteria to have breakfast. It was delicious! Yummi! We walked back home to clean a bit because we had some friends coming over later.

It was a very unpredictable sunday morning and that made me smile. Often, i plan my weekends but lately i have made the point of not doing so unless its something that needs scheduling. I am trying to go with the flow and be spontaneous for a change. I have noticed to that sometimes i have planned my days and my plans ended up being chattered for some reason or another.

The most beautiful things and hapennings come unexpected and its up to us to embrace change or to reject it. Sometimes God and the Universe have other plans and who am i to question them? When things and happenings come naturally, i experience a very different bliss.

I love taking walks, going to the park to play or just to sit on a bench to watch people walk their dogs or play with their children. I love seeing life at its best!!!

I am writing this post as a reminder, so i can make it a point to:

* Do something different everyday
* Do something I really love to do everyday
* Let my days evolve as naturally as possible and embrace the unexpected
* Be spontaneous and let go of wanting to control every thing

There is a special freedom that comes with letting life do its thing. In doing this, we are trusting God, the Universe and Life itself to JUST BE!!! By trying to control everything we block opportunities to come our way.

I feel very blessed! ;)

Sweet dreams...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Embrace your PASSION...

I went to a college football game today with a couple of friends and my brother. I had an awesome time...the weather was just right for this occassion.

Although i don't completely understand the many rules of football, i love to see the genuine smiles of people everytime i go to one of these events. The stadium is filled with an admirable crowd. I love to sense the great amount of passion and spirit each fan transmits.

In every game, you can notice how everyone is wearing their favorite game gear and i love to see this. I also enjoy buying my favorite teams' gear as well. Everyone wears their gear proudly and this captivates my attention. A lot of people attend these games and age does not matter. They show up and cheer...they show their true passion for their favorite sport and team. They are fully present in each game. Not knowing if their team will win or loose, they show up and cheer...without hesitation and with no guarantees.  

I think that is the mere reason why i have become fond of sports. I am a sucker for PASSION. I believe that when you have passion for something, all is just right. When i do what i love and commit my full presence to it, everything feels just right. I feel this way when i write or when i take pictures. I become one with my camera and my passion takes over. I become fully present and enjoy every second of it. I feel very much alive.

 I like to think that in the same way I proudly wear my favorite game gear, I have the same capability of  "proudly" transmitting my passion for life. I can choose to wear positive gear everyday. When i lack passion for life, there is no motivation to do anything.

Passion is what propels our triggers us to act in order to achieve them. When we have passion for life, we love our life fully and have no problem engaging in it everyday with a positive spirit.

Find your passion and embrace it...flow naturally with it. 

Remember to wear your positive gear everyday and do it proudly with a smile ;)

Here is a picture of us today:

My brother in the middle and my sweetheart wearing his game gear!

Friday, November 5, 2010

The power of WORDS...

Unfortunately, there are some hurtful words that are uttered very easily. At times, we might be having what we call the "perfect" day and there comes someone who says something that turns our whole day around. UGGGHHHHH!!!


We underestimate the power of our words. They could easily make someone's day or "ruin" it (per say). I can't seem to quite comprehend why is it so difficult to utter words like: Thank you! I Care! I love you! WHY WHY WHY???? It frustrates me and i have to admit, it gets me livid and sad at the same time. I have to make it a "project" to stop letting certain attitudes get me down. I can't allow them to change my smile into a frown or into a tear. NO MORE!!!

This is a phenomenon to me because i am soooo expressive and sometimes a bit too much. It is not hard for me to express my gratitude or my love. I believe LOVE is the most wonderful feeling and when expressed, it can heal the most profound wounds. Love lights up our lives if we let it in. 

I found this sign and i thought it would be neat to share it because at times i wish i could carry this sign around. "BE NICE OR LEAVE." Unfortunately, i can't ;) but i can carry a SMILE around and do my best to keep it there. Not all the days are ever the same but I can try to master this and become less affected by other people's attitudes or bitterness. This is so important!!!

Anywho...i vented! ;) We are all works in progess...and this is promising!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking interest in the simplest things...

I have to admit, I do not possess a curious mind for matters of Science, Math or any other “practical” knowledge.  I take a lot of interest in the emotional side of the human brain.  This explains my interest in the spiritual aspects of life and in Psychology, which is the career I am pursuing. Although I consider myself very intelligent and knowledgeable, recently I have concluded that it would make a significant difference in my life if I take even a small interest in the things that I usually don’t pay attention to. I have always considered myself to be a “why” person but not so much for the “technicalities.” My mind seems to focus and it’s curious only about certain things.  I don’t know why, because I don’t recall making a special effort to do this, to think, or to be this way.  My mind is just like that and I have no explanation for it nor will I try to find one.  Nonetheless, I have decided to actually start training my mind to take interest in other “realities” of life.  I take a lot of things just for what they are, including their functions. At times, I don’t even know the mechanism of things…all I know is that they serve me and that constitutes their purpose. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that I don’t know about. But, the reality is that everything in this world (be it spiritual or not) has a process. Everything is linked and we could learn a whole lot from this.
In my new job, I have about eight co-workers from different countries. They are very pleasant and so far, it has been a pleasure to find out a bit more about themselves as the days pass. But, one of them has caught my attention because he seems to be a “walking encyclopedia.” His name is George. He is very knowledgeable, hence the name I chose for him.  Every time he approaches me or I ask him a question, he has this vast explanation of WHY things are how he describes them. He is also very good in thoroughly explaining the process of how things come to be. In talking to him this morning, it dawned on me that although many things and happenings in life don’t have an apparent explanation at times, there are others that do…and in understanding this, opens the way for us to adapt and see life from many different lenses. George reminds me of my boyfriend, he is also very knowledgeable and likes to know how things work and likes explaining them. If he does not know something right off hand, he goes in search of an answer until he has one.
I am starting to realize that in order to have the proper positive perspective about life… I have to have at least some sort of idea of HOW things come to be.  How is the coffee we drink in the morning made?  How are we able to breathe fresh air? I can go on and on with questions about things we don’t even wonder about because we have grown accustomed to “not knowing.” No matter how simple or complex these questions get, we will surely learn something if we take the time to just “KNOW.” We know things exist…we know we exist…but, we don’t care about the HOW at times.
Everything in this life goes through a process! Taking interest is these processes can help us take things less for granted.  It will definitely help us view life from a different perspective.  We would be more appreciative of things and most importantly of the people we meet every day.  We don’t have to become Einstein or know every single thing. Some we believe by faith.. But, having broad knowledge helps widen our minds, allowing us to think of many other interesting things instead of focusing always on worry and negativity. Not everything in this world is about us, our worries and problems. We are not the only ones in the universe…we are not the only ones ALIVE…